About Us

Why Revive Community Health?

Revive Community Health (RCH) is a local, community-based healthcare organization. Our primary focus is to improve the health and well-being of local disadvantaged patient populations. We achieve this by providing services at:

RCH strives to improve & sustain optimal health by
providing quality care that is accessible to all.

Our Mission

Our intention will always be to enrich the community by improving access to quality healthcare, despite any existing barriers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revive our community’s wealth by delivering comprehensive healthcare that improves the health and well-being of all people in our communities.

Our Promise

We employ a diverse staff and provide ongoing training for our team to ensure we deliver culturally competent, patient-centered wellness solutions directly into our communities.

Executive Leadership

Our leadership team shares a commitment to ensuring that all people have access to culturally competent, supportive,
affordable healthcare – regardless of their background or circumstances.

Director of Public Health
Marci Hardy, PhD

Dr. Aja Murphy, DO? of Revive Community Health

CEO/Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Aja Murphy, DO

COO, Micah Phillips of Revive Community Health

Chief Operating Officer
Micah Phillips

Revive Community Health collaborates with an array of organizations & community leaders to bring wellness
solutions & health services to local neighborhoods.

Here are a few of our community partners: